Mashine wrap
Mashine wrap stretch film is used by industrial and logistics companies, where high speed and quality in products packing is required.

Standart color – transparent.
Winded into the rolls and packed on pallets.
Price is calculated per kilogram.
Standart dimensions:

Width, m Length, mThickness, mcrTension
0,5132800to 300 %
0,5172100to 300 %
0.5201800to 300 %
0,5231500to 300 %

Can be produced under special clients requests – in different widths, with color additives / stabilizers or without.

Hand wrap

Hand wrap stretch film is intented to be used for packing of separateitems into a group, fastening bulk loads on pallets, goods protection againts dust and any mechanical damages etc.

Hand wrap stretch film can be manufactured in two colors: transparent and black.
Packed into carton boxes, 6 rolls/box.
Price is calculated per roll.
Standart dimensions:

Width, m Thickness, mcrLength, m
0,4512, 15 ,17, 20, 23300
0,5013, 15, 17, 20, 23300

Can be produced under special clients requests – with color additives / stabilizers or without.

UV stabilized and transparent films

UV stabilized with antioxidant – for 2 or 3 seasons. Resistant to ultraviolet rays impact.
Composition can be supplemented with antioxidants (AO/UV) for to increase film resistance to fertilizers, herbicides used in greenhouses; and binders used widely in construction industry etc.

Signal colors (light): blue, red, yellow, green.

Standard dimensions:
Width m / thickness mcr / length m
6m x 100mcr x 120m
6m x 120mcr x 100m
6m x 150mcr x 80m
6m x 200mcr x 60m
3m x 200mcr x 45m
Packing: semi-sleeve, folded and winded into 1,5m width rolls.
Application: construction and agriculture industry.

Not stabilized film – used as covers, packaging at construction sites, agriculture etc.

Signal color: transparent

Standard dimensions:
Width m / thickness mcr / length m
6m x 100mcr x 120m
6m x 120mcr x 100m
6m x 150mcr x 80m
6m x 200mcr x 60m
3m x 200mcr x 45m
3m x 120mcr x 200m
3m x 100mcr x 240m
Packing: semi-sleeve, folded and winded into 1,5m width rolls.

Can be produced under special clients orders (tape, semi-sleeve, sleeve) with different additives.

Width range: 0,3m – 6m
Thickness range: 30 mcr – 200 mcr
Micro- perforated in 3 different sizes.

Anticondensating film

Signal color: ligth blue
Standart dimensions (width, thickness, length) : 6m x 120 mcr x 100m
Packing: semisleeve, folded and winded into 1,5 m width rolls.

Due to frequent watering and constant steaming greenhouses, raw material storage places and even mulch films keep much of water vapour that condensates immediatly on the coldest surface, i.e. film.
Most raw materials used for main films manufacturing are characterized with hydrophobic properties and low surface temperature. Water drops forms on such surfaces. The size of water drop depends on quantity of anticondensating additive – as more additive as less water drop.

Unwanted action of collected condensate:
Reflects the ligth, reduces ligth pemeability through the film;
Collected water drops onto the plants, causes diseases, cripple sets;
Big water drops create lens effect and burn plants.

Film with anticondensating properties performance is produced blending a special additive. Thanks to additive polarity it makes possible to increase surface energy of polyethylene film. Besides, it is distinguished by hydrophilic action. Additive melted in water drops reduces energy of water surface and considerably decreases or absolutely eliminates water drops condensation on a film.

Anticondensating additive is evenly distributed within film structure during production process. Additive‘s polarity mismatches to polymer‘s polarity. In time this makes possible anticondensating additive to migrate to film surface. Gradually it is washed out from a surface by condensated water. That situation lasts until all additive in whole polymer mass is depleted.

Black film

Used in agriculture, construction industry, packaging.

Standard dimensions:
Width m / thickness mcr / length m
6m x 100mcr x 120m
6m x 120mcr x 100m
6m x 200mcr x 60m
3m x 200mcr x 45m

Packing: semi-sleeve, folded and winded into 1,5m width rolls.

Can be produced of virgin and recycled material under special clients requests
(tape, semi-sleeve, sleeve):

Width range: 0,5m – 6m
Thickness range: 40 mcr – 200 mcr.

Black/white film (two-colored) – used as cover for soil in gardening strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. Soil should be covered white side outwards those increasing soil temperature, reflecting light and intensifying lightness inside the greenhouse.
Film black side protects against light filtering into soil, stops weedscoming out.
Otherwise to black film, black/white film keeps soil from overheating, saves humidity. Film can be used 2 – 4 seasons.

Water pool film

Standart dimensions (width, thickness, length):
6m x 300mcr x 42m
4m x 350mkr x 45m
Signal color: inwards – black, outwards – blue.
Packing: folded and winded into 1,5m width rolls.

Decorative outdoor pools are constructed using special hydro isolating film. It is resistant even to deep (minus 30 ° C) and high temperatures, and characterizes as elastic product with not less than 5-6 years usage period. Two-colored film. One side blue is to reflect water, another – black to protect against any growers under the film.

Easy calculation for film quantity required for pool:
Film width = pool width + 2 x pool depth + 60cm.
Film length = pool length + 2 x pool depth + 60cm.


Application area – products packing in thermo channel.
Thermo shrinkable film is produced of low-density polyethylene, blending compositional materials, color master batches, stabilizers or without it. Shrink in machine and cross directions attributes film.

All products in the factory are produced under special orders, mixing different additives, perforated in 3 sizes holes, with availability to mark

Film dimensions, raw material type – under clients request.
Order production time – 14 days.

Sleeve width: 0,5m – 3m (can have welding joint along).
Semi sleeve and tape width: 0,3m – 3m.

Packing: winded into rolls, on paper cores Ø 76mm.

Film conforms requirements of national Hygienic norm HN 16:1998, is certificated by Public Health Cantre allowing film contact to foodstuff.