Why should you choose wood pellets?
• Effective heating – The energy that wood pellets emit is 1,7 times greater than oak firewood.
• Convenience – wood pellets are packed in 15kg plastic bags, so they are easy to transport.
• Simple stocking – there is no need for special storage, packed in plastic bags, the pellets do not rot and take up half the space as firewood.
• Very little ash – pellets burn up almost completely leaving insignificant amounts of ash.
• Ecology – there is no additional CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, because pellets are produced from renewable sources.
• A Completely natural product – there are no chemicals, glues or other kind of addictives in the pellets.

Types of wood and other quality influencing factors
If we would compare wood pellets produced from different types of wood, we would not see a big difference. Stocking conditions, on the other hand, have more influence to the quality of the pellets. If they are exposed to moisture, they start to dissolve releasing they energy.
How to choose the best pellets?
It is considered that the lighter the color of the pellets, the better the quality. These pellets are usually made from debarked clean wood chips. Brownish color pellets are not necessarily worse – they can simply be made out of wet sawdust, which is dried out in the production process and get darker because of oxidation. Never the less it is wise to note the color of the pellets, because there is the risk that the pellets are made with wood bark which might contain sand gathered though the life cycle of the tree or during processing (ex. Transportation).